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My name is Sonya Wilcox, RDR


*** ATTN:  MAY 23, 2015:  I am currently on a break from training and troubleshooting for reporters and scopists, but I will be back in a bit.   If you’d like to get on my waitlist for any of my services, please email me at ***


I’m an independent software trainer certified by Stenograph to train clients to utilize Case CATalyst.    I’m also an official court reporter in Thurston County Superior Court and a Registered Diplomate Reporter.  I’ve been using Case Catalyst for 17 years. I founded Case CATalyst Help! because I firmly believe that Case CATalyst is the most advanced court reporting software available on the market, and yet most court reporters only use a fraction of its functions.

I can teach you to maximize your software and minimize your edit time. Whether you are just starting out and learning the basics or whether you’re a seasoned reporter, who wants to learn the latest and greatest features, I can help you.

I offer individual training, online training, group training, follow-up support, and emergency troubleshooting.  I also created the Dropbox Master User, which allows reporters to work on multiple computers with one set of files that are automatically synchronized.  There is no need for backing up and restoring.   I created and administer the largest Case CAT group on facebook where members help one another with common problems and questions.  You can join us here:  Case CATalyst Reporters and Users

Here are other services I provide:

Auto Indexing Package: I create an index template and all the include files tagged for auto indexing, dictionary entries, and then I remotely train the client via computer sharing software ( how to use the auto indexing.

Automatic Number Conversion package: I take the reporter’s personal dictionary, filter the numbers, remove all numbers that conflict with the automatic number conversion process, identify conflicts and suggest alternative solutions, modify the automatic number conversion table according to the reporter’s style preferences, and then via remote training, teach the reporter how to use the automatic number conversion and which settings are appropriate for them.

Forms & Files: If you’d like to have a form or invoice that was created in a different program recreated for use in Case CATalyst or if you’d like to have any of your title pages updated with fields and tables. I can also put an image of your signature on your certificate page.

You hire a scopist to scope for you; you hire a proofreader to proof for you; why wouldn’t you hire an experienced working court reporter to streamline your files for you?

Whether you would like to take the time to train on the software or whether you’d like to have someone streamline your process, you can maximize your software and minimize your edit time.

For more background about me, visit my About Me page.